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[PC] Prima patch per Grow Home

Le case di sviluppo Reflections e Ubisoft hanno rilasciato una patch per il loro gioco Grow Home recentemente lanciato su PC Windows.

Questo aggiornamento apporta le solite correzioni a bug e aggiunge nuove missioni secondarie, che una volta finite daranno la possibilità di sbloccare una skin esclusiva.

Di seguito in lingua originale il changelog della patch:

Update 1: Fixes
– The character’s backpack disappears when he uses a Glider or a Daisy Parachute.
– Game crashes when Quit option is selected with the Mouse after ALT+TAB action was made during the loading screen towards Main Menu.
– Incorrect camera movement will be noticed when the Daisy parachute is used.
– The sound played when the seed is teleported at the end of the first objective is very low.
– User is informed that a new skin is available even though he already has it from a previous save.
– The Ninja skin message appears for a second before the end cutcene is triggered.
– Missing camera collision with the ground when the character holds a daisy parachute.
– The user cannot choose a location to teleport B.U.D. when the save is continued after finishing the game.
– Controller will lose its functionality if the height markers for BUD or Star Plant are clicked with the mouse.
– Disable VSynch to solve players stuttering issues.
– The waterfall sound gets interrupted.
– Missing jetpack sound when turning the SFX volume to maximum after it was muted and the game restarted.
– Plants do not have drag sounds.
– The camera will go through the rock texture while trying to collect the crystals located under the waterfall island.
– Glitch sound will overlap the cutscene where the waterfall island is presented if the user triggers it while using the jet pack.
– The Snarkgrass doesn’t count for the Five a day achievement.
– Sheep can get stuck in telerouter beams.
– The user is able to teleport a telerouter.
– The indicator for the Star Plant isn’t displayed correctly when the plant reached 2000m.
– BUD and Beanstalk heights can be manually dragged on the pause menu.
– No seed UI appears if NG+ has not been accepted.
– Day & night cycle appears to be random.
– Telerouter UI overlaps credits.
– The seed won’t teleport and the Pause Menu will lose functionality if the user tries to teleport a second seed from the same telerouter.
– The bouncy leaves may fall when the character approaches them.
– Growth hit UI audio plays multiple times at the start of first hit cutscene.
– Crystal % is misplaced when 0 are collected.
– Parsnip does not scan.
– No audio for seed collection UI.
– Height markers do not appear on the pause menu.
– Cactus is too large for easy scanning.
– Plants do not have pluck sounds.
– The game cannot be completed if a branch located below Cave Island is connected to a nutrient rock placed above the Island.
– Misplaced UI in Audio / Video menu.

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